My company, Distinctive Detailing, is the result of glaring deficiencies in the automotive detailing market. My approach to detailing is very different than the existing detailers in the triangle area. Unlike others in the “turn and burn” carwash  industry, I do not just “wash cars”. I Clean Restore and Protect an investment. A majority of car washes and mobile detailers not only fail to clean and protect your vehicle, most are causing permanent and costly damage to your vehicle through improper washing techniques.  

Through my passion and commitment to providing my customers with the best automotive detailing available, I continuously seek out advanced education in order to stay on the cutting edge of detailing. The advanced education on detailing techniques coupled with using the best equipment and products in the industry allows me to provide results that many don’t believe are even achievable.

My mission is to clean, restore and protect your investment.  My services give true value to customers through not only cleaning, but actually restoring the vehicle to like new and in most cases better than new condition.  I take great pride in my ability to restore damaged vehicles, used and new vehicles alike. The last step in Distinctive Detailing’s process is protecting your investment. Today a large majority of SUV’s and luxury vehicles are approaching and some even exceed $100,000. More and more high-end vehicles surpass that many times over. So with this caliber of investment in mind, why would you protect it with $20 wax that lasts weeks? Or even better, allow high performance brake dust to eat away at a set of $10,000 wheels? Distinctive Detailing uses the best automotive surface protection products on the market. Specializing in ceramic paint protection coatings, distinctive detailing uses exclusive coating products that many other “professional” detailers and car washes are not able to get. When it comes to paint and surface protection the products we offer our customers will give years of true protection not just months or weeks of partial protection. Having the peace of mind of true protection allows you to enjoy driving your vehicle in the pristine condition you bought it in for many years to come.

Through our shared passion for your vehicle and my continued commitment to you as a customer, Distinctive Detailing sets itself apart from the industry even further through customer education and our ability to supply the best detailing products on the market. This allows you to maintain the vehicle in better condition and make the washing process easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Our goal is to enable the customer to properly care and maintain their vehicle ensuring the vehicle stays that way for years to come.  Please feel free to contact us to schedule a free Distinctive Detail consultation.

“Our Difference is in the Details”



2013 BMW 335i M Sport

“After year’s of neglect and gas station car washes, I never thought my car could look like this.” ~ Aaron